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CERT (UK) Formerly Eden Flood Volunteers didn’t exist until 5th December – the day the floods hit Cumbria so badly. We began as a group of volunteers wanting to help people affected by the floods in Appleby, Glenridding, Pooley Bridge and the wider Cumbrian community affected by the floods.

Our team and our task grew daily and we very early on recognised the long term need for flood support in Eden. Now a registered charity number 1166201, we now continue to support all those affected by the floods but also anyone facing Crisis, Emergency or Disaster. Based at the Skirsgill Depot, Penrith, we are working very closely with various organisations to ensure the best help and support to all those in need.


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Tracey Errington – Volunteer and Business Support

Like many, Kerryanne Wilde was touched by the floods. But unlike many, she had a vision, foresight and a steely determination to make a long term difference to those affected by the floods in Eden, then the wider Cumbrian community. I met her on day one when the Evergreen hall was opened for donations and have been privileged to work with Kerryanne and her team of volunteers ever since. I think it is her military training that has given her the ability to organise people (and co-erce supplies) and put in place long term, robust procedures that have helped Eden Flood Volunteers reach the place they are at today. She is not human, she has been superhuman, and the hundreds of flood victims she and her team have helped would agree. It is hard setting up a new business, let alone one run completely on a shoestring with volunteers. She has worked day (and many nights) to make sure people in need get the help. I am a business consultant and admire the way she has taken command of the role, organising and setting up and sometimes making very difficult and emotional decisions. She has shown grit and tenacity to get things done. Over £1.4 million of donations have been received by EFV and that is almost entirely down to Kerryanne, her vision and the passion she shares with her volunteers is a real credit to our district – Eden should be proud.

Graham & Kathryn Coleman, Cumbria – Flooded and helped twice

Eden flood volunteers have been so good, nice and a tower of strength. They have been amazing. Life has been so hard since the floods. We have been ill since it happened and it will be a long time for it to just be a really bad memory. EFV’s have helped us in many ways possible. We were given food, cleaning stuff, a brand new sofa and chair. We were in a rented furnished house and lost most off the stuff the first time we were flooded on the 3rd December. The day we were rescued by the R.N.L.I. the landlady said she wasn’t insured. We returned to the house to try and rescue some of our belongings and start the clean-up with help from Kerryanne and the EFV team. They sorted volunteers to help us clean and move our stuff out. We both went to stay with Kathryn’s sister and brother in law Christmas Eve till 27th and we return to find out we had been flooded for the second time on Boxing Day. It meant we had lost even more stuff because we were packing and moving stuff downstairs ready to move out. Eden flood volunteers sent more people to help us yet again. We both can’t thank the Eden flood volunteers enough. They are GREAT and WONDERFUL people. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Kathryn and Graham xxxx

Jackie & Alan Wright, Shap Cumbria - Flooded 4 Times!

CERT UK are on the verge of having to close. Flooding may be old news but the threat is always there. When storm Desmond flooded our house, many places were already in great need of help. Firemen were busy pumping out properties and the Council had no sandbags left. Nobody around to stop vehicles “having fun” in the water and sending bow waves into unaffected houses. Eden Flood Volunteers filled that gap. When water came in for the 4th time they responded immediately to our call for help and ariived with smiles on their faces and deployed the actions they had learned , sweeping out the flood water from 2 properties and sandbagging a 3rd before the water got in. A neighbour had furniture outside waiting to be moved by the council, EFV had the council acting very quickly after a phone call and we were also supplied with sand and bags. Life changes, we are still tidying up after builders and sorting through belongings packed up in a rush. CERT UK have supported us and continue to do so. If those of us who have had help from them( and are in a position to do so) donate even a small amount, it could help. We never know when the next flood will hit, and who might be affected. Who will be around to help next time?

Morag Little, Carlisle Cumbria - Severely Flooded

Kerryanne and Sue, you and all your amazing volunteers have been a life line to thousands and never asked for anything in return. You helped so many of us flooded families and without you I don’t know how my family would of coped. You brought Christmas to our house when we thought my grandchildren wouldn’t see it for a second year. You gave us hope when no one else would. You encouraged us to not stay quiet and to come forward and ask for help. You kept our cupboards full and my family fed and clothed for months upon end. You never said NO. You brought a smile to all our faces when we were down and thought no one cared about us. You were our life line to the outside world. We owe you a life time of gratitude and will never forget all of you for all the valued help and advise you gave to us all. Without you we’d of been lost and helpless. You gave us hope and the will to fight and go forward. You were our FLOOD ANGELS. And will never be forgotten. I’m honoured to be able to call you all dear friends. You are going to be seriously missed by all but forgotten by none. You fought for us when no one else would. We owe our lives to you all. Thank you for your heart felt friendship. Morag, Elizabeth,Alastair, Amy, Ailsa, Shona, olivia, Tommy, Layla & coby. Doogle, buddy & Marley. Kerryanne Wilde & Sue Dust. you will always be our guardian Angels.

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